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Purchasing a domain and hosting – GoDaddy

A Step By Step Guide with Coupon Codes to Purchase a Domain Name and Hosting.

One of the first things you will need to do when you start building websites is to get yourself set up with a domain and website hosting. In this article I will walk you through how you can do that specifically on GoDaddy. The company has a bit of a checkered past in terms of their marketing and PR and pushes hard on trying to up-sell you products and services you don’t really need, but they are the world’s largest domain registrar and have an excellent track record for uptime. I personally have used them for years and have had no issues. GoDaddy also runs a lot of promotions that can save you money, this page lists all current coupons and is updated regularly:

First things first, you need a domain for your website! As …

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Freelance Web Development for Small Businesses

Freelance web development for small businesses

Being a freelance worker has plenty of perks: flexibility in terms of hours and location, ability to choose your customers and projects, no commute. On the other hand it’s hard work too, as a freelancer you are the developer, project manager, accountant, and marketing department.

As an individual you are unlikely to land the big companies and projects as those will require teams of people and a lot of resources, but for every corporate contract there are many more small businesses out there in need of a website to connect with their customers.

Freelancing for small businesses and individuals can be much more rewarding since you get to work directly with your clients and see the positive impact that your work has on their business. To set up a basic website for a small business you don’t need to know how to program or even how to write HTML code.…

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