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Job searching is not an task, you have to hustle hard and competition is stiff. However, if you’re willing to think outside of the conventional blue collar or 9-5 office jobs there are a lot of other ways to make money. It is possible to earn a comfortable living if you work hard at some of the new online jobs. These types of jobs include both working for a company that is 100% online or telecommuting to an office or other business that has a physical location. There is also freelance work, where you are essentially your own company and pick up contract work.

Web Hosting Coupons for Freelancers

If you’re working as a freelancers, then you’re going to need a website. Whether you are building and hosting websites for clients or just need somewhere to put your online portfolio and contact information, you will need web hosting that is …

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Using FTP – FileZilla


When you start getting into working with WordPress more, you’ll need a good FTP client to handle your backups and file editing. My top pick is FileZilla: it’s free, easy to use, and reliable. For the purposes of this article we’ll look at specifically setting FileZilla with Godaddy hosting (if you haven’t purchased that yet, there is a GoDaddy promo code when you go here and you can follow this article), but Filezilla will work with any host that provides you with FTP access.

Here’s a good resource for GoDaddy promo codes as well:

Get & Install FileZilla

FileZilla can be downloaded for free from the projects website, you will want the ‘FileZilla Client’ option. The file downloaded is an executable file, so when you click on that it should bring up the Installer which is pretty straightforward to walk through. If you need extra guidance this is …

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Freelance Web Development for Small Businesses

Freelance web development for small businesses

Being a freelance worker has plenty of perks: flexibility in terms of hours and location, ability to choose your customers and projects, no commute. On the other hand it’s hard work too, as a freelancer you are the developer, project manager, accountant, and marketing department.

As an individual you are unlikely to land the big companies and projects as those will require teams of people and a lot of resources, but for every corporate contract there are many more small businesses out there in need of a website to connect with their customers.

Freelancing for small businesses and individuals can be much more rewarding since you get to work directly with your clients and see the positive impact that your work has on their business. To set up a basic website for a small business you don’t need to know how to program or even how to write HTML code.…

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