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I have been working in the tech industry for over 10 years, both as a company employee and as a freelance worker. I think working as a freelance professional is a wonderful opportunity for self-motivated people, however there are a lot of pitfalls that I wish I had known about when I was starting out. My vision for this site is to share some of the lessons that I had to learn the hard way, so that you can have a leg up on where I was years ago.

Over my career I predominantly worked with PHP based content management systems to build websites for clients, and over the years WordPress emerged as my favourite. It’s highly flexible, simple to setup, and seems to be the easiest to use for clients who want to be able to update their own website once it’s built. My experience is mainly as a web developer, but I think a lot of the lessons can be applied to people who are looking to get into other freelance fields such as design or copywriting.

I was a teenager when dial-up internet became widely available for home use in the 90’s, I was immediately fascinated by the way I could connect with people all over the world. I taught myself HTML and began setting up my own websites, within a few months I was running a fairly successful text-based game site. These days I live in the Pacific Northwest, run my own company, tinker with WordPress, and read too many comic books for an almost 30-year old.

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